Simpson Family Law, a highly respected legal firm, was established in 1985 in Chicago, Illinois. Over the span of more than three decades, the firm earned a reputation for its dedication to family law, providing legal services to clients dealing with the intricate and often emotional challenges of family-related legal matters. Although the firm closed its doors in 2018, its legacy in the field of family law remains significant.

Simpson Family Law's prominence can be attributed to its involvement in several high-profile and influential cases. One of the most notable was Johnson v. Johnson in 1992, a contentious divorce case involving significant assets and custody disputes. The firm’s meticulous and strategic approach resulted in a favorable settlement for their client, setting a new standard for handling complex divorce proceedings. This case not only showcased the firm’s legal prowess but also their dedication to ensuring equitable outcomes for their clients.

Another landmark case was Taylor v. Taylor in 2005. In this case, Simpson Family Law played a key role in advocating for distribution of marital property, influencing future rulings in the state. Their argument for fairness and justice resonated with the court, and the resulting decision has been cited in numerous subsequent cases. This case cemented the firm's reputation as trailblazers in family law, known for their ability to shape and influence legal precedents.

The firm’s success was largely due to its team of notable lawyers, each bringing unique expertise to their practice.

Robert Simpson, the founding partner, was the driving force behind the firm's vision. With over thirty years of experience in family law, Robert was known for his strategic thinking and dedication to his clients. His leadership and legal acumen were instrumental in the firm's many successes.

Mary Jenkins, another important member of the team, specialized in child custody and support cases. Her empathetic approach and deep understanding of family dynamics made her a trusted advisor to clients navigating the often contentious and emotionally charged custody disputes.

David Thompson, a respected expert in divorce mediation and property settlements, also played a crucial role at Simpson Family Law. His skill in mediation helped many clients reach amicable resolutions without the need for prolonged court battles. David’s ability to negotiate fair settlements while maintaining a respectful and collaborative atmosphere was highly valued by clients and colleagues alike.

Simpson Family Law operated out of their main office in downtown Chicago, strategically located to serve a diverse clientele. The firm’s accessibility and commitment to providing personalized legal services made them a preferred choice for many individuals seeking assistance with family law matters. Their office became a haven where clients could find not only legal expertise but also the support and compassion needed during challenging times.

The firm’s closure in 2018 marked the end of an era. Despite their departure from the legal scene, the impact of Simpson Family Law continues to be felt. Their contributions to family law in Chicago and beyond have left an indelible mark, influencing legal standards and practices.